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A bit late to the party, but a couple of days ago I finished watching Stranger Things. I did watch five episodes back in August last year, but I never finished because I tend to grow bored of things if I do it too much. When it comes to movies or TV shows I need to either switch between two shows (such as watching a couple of episodes of one show and then switching to the other and watch a couple of episodes there) or keep busy in some sort of way, like drawing/knitting/playing a game/etc, otherwise I’ll get restless and grow bored. Doesn’t matter if I’m really into the show, I’ll get bored anyway. That’s what happened to Stranger Things, and I ended up just reading spoilers of each episode that was left, so I knew what happened.

A couple of days ago I decided to start Stranger Things over, and to watch it to the end. I’m so happy I did, because it’s way better to watch it than just read a summary, haha. I’ve gotten Mum hooked on the show as well and last night we watched the four first episodes and will most likely watch the last four tonight. So now I’m watching the show for the third time, and I’m loving it!


Something I really apreciate about this show is the lack of gore and sex. There’s so much of that in the majority of shows these days and tbh it’s something that puts me off a show. If a production has to rely on shock to get good ratings then I’m not interested. I guess it all started with Game of Thrones (which I do love, it is one of the original ‘rough’ show after all) and when that was a hit it feels like so many new shows try to out-do GoT, or at least compete with them. So much time is put on extreme sex scenes and gore and, to me, a lot of time for actual interesting plot and story development gets lost. I mean, just look at the failure that is Hemlock Grove. It was a good idea but the plot got lost in all the kink and gore. I hope the success of Stranger Things result in more shows like it, where plot, suspence and character development is more important than gore, violence and sex.

Wow, I feel old saying all of that, hahaha.


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