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Posted on: 12 July, 2017

I’m so bored with my blog design. Part of me wants to switch it all out, but another part of me worries that this current design I’m using won’t be available if I remove it. I need to stop worrying about trivial stuff like this. The blog design might be gone for good, so what? The world isn’t ending because of it. I guess it all stems in me wanting to be in control and being a creature of habit. It’s kind of interesting how I can be so reluctant of change when I get bored with everything so easily.

As soon as I get everything in order in the living room and have a proper place to have my laptop (I’m currently sitting in my bed because my desk is covered up in the living room) I’m going to sit down and fix up my blog design. This current one will have to do for now. I’m actually excited to pimp this place, I haven’t worked in Photoshop or done any coding for so long! I used to do it on a daily basis, but I drifted away from it. It will be nice to return to it and refresh what little skill and knowledge I had.


G is for Gabi.

I'm Gabi, I live in Sweden and have a rather normal life. I have more books than I have time to read and I play video games when I really should be sleeping.

I guess that's not really a problem, though, since I happen to have insomnia so it's not like I can sleep even if I would like to.

This blog has no real direction, it's not 'lifestyle', 'fashion', 'humour' or 'political'. It's simply just... my brain.