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I’ve decided to take a few days off from anything concerning renovations. My family owns a house on the country side, and my cats have already moved out here a while ago, kind of like summer camp. So I decided to join them for a few days, and I’ve missed them so much! To me life is boring without furry friends, and considering how much my two little cat princesses bothered me last night with cuddles and kisses, I make a bold guess they’ve missed me, too.

Morning cuddles with Smilla

These images are fresh, because Baloo loves to bother you when you’re sitting down and trying to focus on something. It’s much more important to play with him than to write a blog entry, right?


Btw, let’s talk about BLΛƆKPIИK‘s latest song (to make it easier for me I’ll refer to them as BLACKPINK throughout the rest of the text). It’s been out for nearly a month now, and I know it’s close to forbidden to compare them to 2NE1, but this song reminds me a lot of 2NE1. In no way is BLACKPINK the ‘new 2NE1’, but since we’re talking about the same agency (YG Entertainment) and a lot of the same song writers you’re bound to get simillarities. Especially the part at 1:20 sounds like something you’d hear on 2NE1’s first full album, and I’m loving it! This song makes me so happy on so many levels, and BLACKPINK never fails to deliver a good song and strong visuals. I’ve had this song on repeat a lot while painting the last few days, it brings up my mood by 100%!


G is for Gabi.

I'm Gabi, I live in Sweden and have a rather normal life. I have more books than I have time to read and I play video games when I really should be sleeping.

I guess that's not really a problem, though, since I happen to have insomnia so it's not like I can sleep even if I would like to.

This blog has no real direction, it's not 'lifestyle', 'fashion', 'humour' or 'political'. It's simply just... my brain.