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Holy shit, I just saw the news of the passing of Chester Bennington, singer of Linkin Park. It’s so surreal, they played in Sweden just recently and now he’s… gone.

Linkin Park was an important piece of my early teens, their angsty lyrics suited my feelings and it felt like someone was able to put my thoughts and feelings into writing when I listened to them. I know I’m not alone in having felt that way, I mean, how many haven’t screamed along to ‘Numb‘?

I used to have a big celebrity crush on Chester when I was 13, it’s hard to imagine him being gone…

He’s leaving a big hole behind, may he rest in peace.


A bit late to the party, but a couple of days ago I finished watching Stranger Things. I did watch five episodes back in August last year, but I never finished because I tend to grow bored of things if I do it too much. When it comes to movies or TV shows I need to either switch between two shows (such as watching a couple of episodes of one show and then switching to the other and watch a couple of episodes there) or keep busy in some sort of way, like drawing/knitting/playing a game/etc, otherwise I’ll get restless and grow bored. Doesn’t matter if I’m really into the show, I’ll get bored anyway. That’s what happened to Stranger Things, and I ended up just reading spoilers of each episode that was left, so I knew what happened.

A couple of days ago I decided to start Stranger Things over, and to watch it to the end. I’m so happy I did, because it’s way better to watch it than just read a summary, haha. I’ve gotten Mum hooked on the show as well and last night we watched the four first episodes and will most likely watch the last four tonight. So now I’m watching the show for the third time, and I’m loving it!


Something I really apreciate about this show is the lack of gore and sex. There’s so much of that in the majority of shows these days and tbh it’s something that puts me off a show. If a production has to rely on shock to get good ratings then I’m not interested. I guess it all started with Game of Thrones (which I do love, it is one of the original ‘rough’ show after all) and when that was a hit it feels like so many new shows try to out-do GoT, or at least compete with them. So much time is put on extreme sex scenes and gore and, to me, a lot of time for actual interesting plot and story development gets lost. I mean, just look at the failure that is Hemlock Grove. It was a good idea but the plot got lost in all the kink and gore. I hope the success of Stranger Things result in more shows like it, where plot, suspence and character development is more important than gore, violence and sex.

Wow, I feel old saying all of that, hahaha.


I was so excited when Jessi‘s debut EP was announced. She’s a cool and independent lady who goes her own way. There’s a lot I respect about her and I’m happy to see her finally starting to get the cred she deserves.

UN2VERSE starts off with Gucci, which also is the title track of the EP, and it feels like a typical Jessi song. I wasn’t too impressed with the music video but I do really like the live performances of the song – although, the choreography feels odd at times, I would’ve liked to see more dynamic moves. But all that aside, look how happy Jessi is performing her song – she tries to look though but can’t help but smile all through the entire performance!

I expected the rest of the EP to be the same vibe as Gucci and was greatly surprised when each track is unique and displays different sides of Jessi. My favourite track is the slow, jazz dripping 걸음걸이 (feat. Year of the OX) that truly makes Jessi’s husky voice justice, and I would love to hear more songs like this from her! She’s a good rapper but the girl has a cool singing voice and it makes me want more music from her. I’m picky when it comes to hiphop and rap – it’s not my favourite genre, so to say – and for me to like an artist they have to offer me more than hiphop/rap. I’m not going to go more into depths about the rest of the songs, all I can say is that UN2VERSE is versatile enough for me and hopefully Jessi will release more material soon!

I’ve decided to take a few days off from anything concerning renovations. My family owns a house on the country side, and my cats have already moved out here a while ago, kind of like summer camp. So I decided to join them for a few days, and I’ve missed them so much! To me life is boring without furry friends, and considering how much my two little cat princesses bothered me last night with cuddles and kisses, I make a bold guess they’ve missed me, too.

Morning cuddles with Smilla

These images are fresh, because Baloo loves to bother you when you’re sitting down and trying to focus on something. It’s much more important to play with him than to write a blog entry, right?


Btw, let’s talk about BLΛƆKPIИK‘s latest song (to make it easier for me I’ll refer to them as BLACKPINK throughout the rest of the text). It’s been out for nearly a month now, and I know it’s close to forbidden to compare them to 2NE1, but this song reminds me a lot of 2NE1. In no way is BLACKPINK the ‘new 2NE1’, but since we’re talking about the same agency (YG Entertainment) and a lot of the same song writers you’re bound to get simillarities. Especially the part at 1:20 sounds like something you’d hear on 2NE1’s first full album, and I’m loving it! This song makes me so happy on so many levels, and BLACKPINK never fails to deliver a good song and strong visuals. I’ve had this song on repeat a lot while painting the last few days, it brings up my mood by 100%!


Posted on: 12 July, 2017

I’m so bored with my blog design. Part of me wants to switch it all out, but another part of me worries that this current design I’m using won’t be available if I remove it. I need to stop worrying about trivial stuff like this. The blog design might be gone for good, so what? The world isn’t ending because of it. I guess it all stems in me wanting to be in control and being a creature of habit. It’s kind of interesting how I can be so reluctant of change when I get bored with everything so easily.

As soon as I get everything in order in the living room and have a proper place to have my laptop (I’m currently sitting in my bed because my desk is covered up in the living room) I’m going to sit down and fix up my blog design. This current one will have to do for now. I’m actually excited to pimp this place, I haven’t worked in Photoshop or done any coding for so long! I used to do it on a daily basis, but I drifted away from it. It will be nice to return to it and refresh what little skill and knowledge I had.

My home is a very busy place these days. Renovations are taking place both on the inside and the outside, and I sometimes feel like the mess it’s creating will never go away. Lucky me I’m so used to living in a messy enviroment (I’m a messy person, always have been and probably always will be), but at times it’s so bad I feel like going crazy, hehe. I don’t care if things are scattered, but when I start tripping over stuff and it prevents me from getting somewhere without a hassle, that’s when I get annoyed.

Anyway, me getting annoyed isn’t really what I came to talk about, I wanted to say a few words about the renovations. I’m doing most of the work indoors while my parents, my neighbour and my neighbour’s brother-in-law are doing renovations outdoors. Both residents, mine and my neighbour’s, are redoing the fences, gardens and making additions to the living spaces. The additions are in the form of conservatories (basically, outdoor rooms) and if we build them at the same time we all save money, time and work. The floor is planned to be finished Friday, and we started clearing everything this Monday, so things sure are moving fast!

Busy, busy, busy!

Indoors it’s currently the living room that’s under renovations. New wallpaper is on the way and I’ve been smoothing out cracks and uneven surfaces in the windows with wood filling, and they will be painted white. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow, and then all that’s left is the wallpaper!

It’s messy. So messy.

My Border Collie, Baloo, thought it’d be a good idea to look out the window while the wood filling was wet…

We’re here again; me starting over. I think this is my third or fourth time giving this blog a chance, and I haven’t had any success before. I don’t mean ‘success’ as in it being a blog that generates a lot of views or clicks, I mean ‘success’ as in me being able to stick to it for a longer time.

Maybe it’s because it’s a public platform, when I blogged privately on LiveJournal (years ago, I sure miss that platform – so sad to see it having died down the way it has) I had no issues producing one or two entries a day. It was my journal, and I would like to re-read it all one day but it was a dark time in my life and I’m currently not interested in diving back into that pool and relive the memories. I kept that blog private for a reason, it was a place where I could say whatever I wanted and feel safe doing so. What I didn’t realise was that some of those who had access to it judged me for my feelings and we ended up drifting apart… I was such an immature person back then, and man was I depressed. My depression was so bad, I can’t judge others for not being able to handle it.

I’m still depressed, I’m not too sure I can ever fully ‘be cured’ from that, but I’ve learned how to deal with it over the years and I’m far from as bad as I used to be. These days I’m more of a ‘glass half full’ kind of person, and I very much like it that way. I don’t like Debbie Downers and I don’t intend to make this a blog about depression, but it is a part of me and will show its face now and then.

So, exactly what is the purpose of this blog? To be honest, it has no real purpose. I did promise my ex co-worker David that I was going to blog about music I like, because it was something we used to discuss a lot during our shifts and I constantly dropped named of songs and artists he should listen to. I told him I could start putting my recommendations on my blog instead, that way he could find it all easily and I could link stuff while rambling on about what I like, facts etc etc. I do tend to ramble when I get excited. Bah, who am I kidding; I ramble about pretty much anything, excited or not.

Now, what kind of music might I talk about? It could be anything, because unlike with my food I’m pretty much an omnivore when it comes to music. I don’t keep up with ‘current’ music as much these days, most of it bores me if I’m being brutally honest, but maybe some of my content could be interesting, I don’t know?

There won’t be just music on this blog, though, I actually have a notebook filled with topics and ideas I want to write about, so it could be good. Only time will tell!


P.S. Told you I ramble.

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